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Friday, March 12, 2010


I count myself one of those in the senior citizen fraternity to remember when the city of Trenton was a prosperous town with factories, stores and a very active downtown area. As I checked out each of the exhibitors in that 1936 Exposition at the Trenton Armory, many fond memories came back to me as I recalled my many "downtown" journeys to the Trenton of my youth. Thanks to some of the remaining lovers of that grand old city, there are numerous efforts to revitalize the Trenton we old timers knew and loved. Many of us pray that they will succeed. Unfortunately, the town fathers way back in history laid out the city with streets meant for the farm wagon and the horse and buggy. How different it would have been had they taken a page from those mid-western towns and laid out wide streets to allow 45 degree parking. Trenton would have been a gigantic mall which would have put our current shopping centers to shame.

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