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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Old timers will remember when the Trenton Farmers' Market was crowded to the max with farmers from all point in the compass bringing their produce to the this South Trenton market. My buddy Don Slabicki and I spent many summer nights there, selling Jersey "Sweet Corn" from the back of Joe Bertothy's truck, and sometimes from the tailgate on his 1935 Ford Station Wagon.


SJBill said...

During the Great Depression, my grandfather and some of my Mom's family used to drive wagonloads of potatoes and other vegetables from their farmgrounds around Dutch Neck. I'm not sure exactly where the Farmer's Market was, but the route was through Hamilton Square and into the Trenton area. It may have been the wharfside market.

These were very long days. When driving the wagon home, he used to nod off and the horse went straight home to the barn.

My Mom really hated picking potatoes as it was really back breaking work in the hot humid weather. Her family ate potatoes so much she wound up hating them all her life until she passed-on.

Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom: Looking at that Farmer's Market photo with all those early Fords in the picture, reminds me of my friend's model T with the rumble seat. If only that could talk, it would make an interesting short subject, like we used to call them. The nice thing about them was the limited space, which gave your girl friend not much of a chance. Oh well,she made up for it in many other ways. Best regards.

SJBill said...

The Morris and Division St market site was probably where Washington School was eventually built.