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Saturday, March 06, 2010


Take a 96 year old newspaper page that's foxed a deep tan with age, place it in the scanner, set the scanner for 300 dots per inch, activate the "De-screen" feature to eliminate "moire," enhance the graphic with a colorful title and border, and we have an attractive, historically valuable addition to the Hamilton Local History digital database! Such was the process I used on this delightfully historic real estate ad offering lots for sale by Charles G. Teunon at Hamilton's legendary Lakeside Park. It is a little more time consuming to dress up these historic ads, but after all, this ad has been couched within the darkening pages of the "Daily State Gazette" for 96 years!

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Anonymous said...

Tom - I think you wanted to be notified if a blog has no graphic or picture with it, just a triangle and exclamation mark. This blog has that.
Lakeside Girl