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Friday, March 26, 2010


"Old friends are the best friends." My fellow amateur radio buddy Bob Cherry sent me the link to this incredible series of movies turned into videos of San Francisco before and after the tragic earthquake. As you view this incredible trip up Market Street, you will see horse drawn freight wagons, early horseless carriages, newsboys hawking the daily paper and many other fascinating pedestrians as they go about their daily business.

Bob, thanks so much for this link. I have added it to the "TROLLEYS-RAILROADS" folder in the Local History Collection.

While you are on this very interesting page, click on some of the many other links that can take you back 100 years to the era of your great grandparents!

Click on the link to "A DAY IN THE HAY FIELDS." With just a tiny bit of imagination, you can imagine that the farmer in the movie is one of Hamilton's many farmer using the same equipment as they operated the horse drawn wheat thresher at the Scobey, Stelle, Simpkins, or Allinson farm in rural
Hamilton township!

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