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Monday, January 11, 2010


The area in which Liberty Street and Chestnut Avenue meet is the general area of the Lalor Park Tract as illustrated in the 100 year old real estate ad from 1909. I have inserted an extract from my map collection to give a better idea of the neighborhood. This and the post that follows deal with the Lalor family and their extensive real estate from the Broad Street Park Boundary to The D&R Canal, and inland to include Hancock Street, Woolverton Avenue, Home Avenue and streets on the East Side of Lalor Street.


Mack said...

Hi Tom:)
I never met anyone ever who
said they were from "Lalor Park".
Its curious how some of these names
stick and some don't:)

Tom Glover said...

Very true, Mack.There are a many real estate developments which carried those bucolic names and are unknown today. (Linden Park - Hewitt Avenue area), (New Wilbur - Oldenhurst - etc.)

Tom Glover