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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I remember it well: My very first encounter with a florist coincided with my very first encounter with a formal dance. Here's a situation where a guy gets all gussied up, and the girl wears an appropriate formal dress. I had a "date with Judy;" (Britton, that is,) the young lovely Yard's "Junior Deb" model who was my date and still the love of my life after all of 56 years of true wedded bliss. Was I ever intimidated! She danced all the dances....knew every step. Me? All I knew was what I learned in the 5th or 6th grade at Kuser School. The basic "two step:" Step left, step right, step left, step right." How does a young teenager go about immersing himself into this societal quagmire? First, a trip to Joseph's Florist shop over on Liberty Street. Talk to Joe; he knows all about dances, and the required flowers for one's female escort. At the time, the wrist corsage was in vogue; especially the orchid. I opted for a lovely orchid and  subdued the gasp that I suppressed when I paid five bucks for one flower! Joseph assured me that all young ladies love orchids....assured me that most of the corsages he sells for teen dances are of the orchid variety. Well, as it turned out, Judy told me how she loved the corsage, and only in our early years of marriage did she tell me she really preferred Daisies and Baby's Breath. In my Hamilton High yearbook under the photo of my lovely classmate, Judy Britton is the entry, "Thank you for the flower; it was my first." God, I love that!

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Lloyd said...

No problem Tom! I miss that place.